Fox News scores exclusive video tour of Air Force One

It's not every day that someone gets an exclusive tour of the tricked-out Boeing 747 that's designated Air Force One whenever the president is aboard. That's what Fox News propagandist Chris Wallace did last week, airing his special peek on yesterday's Fox News Sunday chatfest. He said it took five years to get permission for this video walk-around.

The surprising part of this tour (an excerpt of which is in the video above, see the whole thing here): There was not a whole lot of super-high tech stuff. The telephones look pretty conventional, and the 50-inch plasma TVs seem to be the same ones you can pick up at Wal-Mart. We like the private shower and those touchscreen power curtains in the prez's stateroom, though.

Keep in mind, the top-secret high tech was nowhere to be seen, for good reason. Still, it's big fun to imagine partying down on this nuclear-proof luxo-sky limo with all the cheeseburgers we could eat. Heck, the stewards even know how you like your coffee if you're important enough. Add a fancy helicopter and that super presidential limo-tank we showed you last week, and Obama's going to have himself the perfect transportation fleet.

Via Fox News