Flying Ferrari to take to the air in two years?

As if the flying car stories weren't getting outrageous enough, now we're hearing about a flying Ferrari. Moller International, that company that keeps on saying there's a flying car just around the corner, now doubles down with its latest concept, the $813,000 flying Ferrari 599 GTB.

The ambitious company, headed up by designer Bruce Calkins, plans to roll out the first example of this 150mph beast in two years. It'll have an 800hp hybrid gas/electric power plant under the hood, blasting air through its eight thrusters to get the thing off the ground. Using that system, Calkins says it'll have a range of 75 miles through the air and 150 miles on the ground, with a maximum altitude of 5000 feet.

The designers are using the shape of the Ferrari 599 GTB, because it has "the general shape and layout" they're looking for. There's no word on what Ferrari thinks of this "borrowing" of its design for this vehicle which seems more fantasy than fact. But then, stranger things have happened. If Moller International was looking to copy a great shape for flying, it should have taken a gander at this Ferrari Monza concept.

Telegraph, via Oh Gizmo