Flipbac angle viewfinder lets you literally shoot from the hip

Sometimes there's nothing quite like an extremely low-angle shot. Most camcorders and some digital cameras make it easy with displays that move around to odd angles, but if yours doesn't have such niceties, the Flipbac angle viewfinder is here to help. It's a simple mirror that attaches to your point-and-shoot or digital SLR with live view, letting you take pictures from ground-level, waist level or high over your head, and still see what the heck you're shooting.

The $20 attachment is made for 3-inch viewscreens (a 2.5-incher is on the way), and has dual hinges to let you use it in either portrait or landscape angles. It's nice and thin, and is available in black or silver to match your camera. And, when you close it up, it protects that viewscreen from getting scratched when you cram that camera into a tightly packed bag. Great idea.

Flipbac, via Oh Gizmo