Flip Mino HD, world's smallest HD camcorder, shoots high-rez video at a low price

Building on the runaway success of its ultra-cheap ($90) Flip camcorder, Pure Digital took a giant leap into the HD landscape with Flip Mino HD, shooting in 720p. They're calling the 3.3-ounce pocketcam the world's smallest HD camcorder, and its relatively low $229.95 price (expect that to go lower soon) will probably make it another big hit.

This tinycam crams 60 minutes of HD video onto its 4GB internal drive, and includes an improved version of FlipShare editing software with an easy drag-and-drop user interface. Too bad its 1.5-inch viewscreen might be impossible to see for many of us bleary-eyed shooters. Users might also miss optical zoom and image stabilization features.

Even though those key attributes are missing, Pure Digital is building on a winning formula. Its timing with sharper 720p capability is just right — it hits the market precisely when HD resolution has arrived to the mainstream. The Flip Mino HD's tiny size is its most appealing trait, practically begging you to slip it in your pocket. After all, you're not going to be shooting much video if you don't have that camcorder with you.

Pure Digital, via TFTS and BB Gadgets