Finally, a Minority Report-style media wall with full gesture control

We compare a lot of things to Minority Report around here — since it's so damn cool and all — but most of the technology we come across simply approximates the almost ridiculous amount of gesture controls presented by the movie. Tom Cruise was spinning his hands, position his fingers every-which-way, and using iPhone-like pinch commands to manipulate all of the ghostly windows hovering before him. Well, I guess the guys over at Oblong Industries have been watching a lot of Minority Report, because so do they.

The G-Speak is what the company calls a "spatial operating environment." The similarities to the movie? Not so surprising, Oblong's website notes: "one of Oblong's founders served as science advisor to Minority Report and based the design of those scenes directly on his earlier work at MIT." It'll be a while before a large gesture-operated platform such as the G-Speak arrives to your home, but gesture-based software is already being worked into plenty of laptops and it looks like a viable solution for a new way to control computers.

Click Continue to see a video of the G-Speak in action.

Oblong Industries, via Fubiz