Eye-Fi debuts 4GB wireless SD card

It's no secret that we love Eye-Fi's wireless SD cards. Since they debuted about a year ago, they've been the perfect way for lazy people (read: us) to share their photos online. Instead of digging out a USB cable, connecting to your PC, firing up a photo-editing program, and then uploading to Flickr, Facebook or whatever, the Eye-Fi just uploads them automatically, straight from the camera. Some versions of the card will even geotag your pics, using the same location tech as the original iPhone.

The cards previously came only in 2GB capacities. Now Eye-Fi debuts a 4GB version, called the Eye-Fi Anniversary Edition. We love the upgrade, though we take issue with the price: $129 ($99 at Costco). Even though we're willing to pay a premium for the wireless abilities, when you consider that regular 4GB flash cards are around 10 bucks (or even less), you start to wonder if pulling out that USB cord is really that inconvenient.

Via Eye-Fi