Electrocute mice with extreme prejudice with the Victor Multi-Kill

There are plenty of ways to kill mice if you've got the little pests in your home, from glue traps to poison to the traditional snapping traps. Some options are better than others, with glue traps leaving you to deal with a freaking out, still-alive mouse and the snaps leaving you with a bloody mess to clean up. But if none of those options are quite thorough or sadistic enough for you, there's the Victor Multi-Kill trap.

The Victor uses a high-voltage shock to murder any mouse in its path in a mere 3 seconds, then dumps the carcass into the collection box for easy disposal. It's so effective that the company claims the trap can get rid of all of your mice in a single night. Seems like a good deal, especially if your mice aren't the adorable cooking variety.

Victor Pest, via Engadget