Driving game equipment that's better than the wheel and pedals in your car

Obviously, driving video games are made much more fun when you have the proper equipment. Sure, you can use a controller, but that's not what you do in a real car. You use a steering wheel and pedals. And while yeah, you can pick up a set of those for under $100, they'll feel like cheap plastic toys, not the real thing. You want the real thing, don't you?

The Trackstar 6000 racing sets are solid, realistic accessories for your favorite video game console. The wheel features fluid-dampened steering, which may be nicer than what you have in your real car. The three available sets range from $989 to $1,398 depending on how badass you want your driving setup to be. But really, if you're going to do it, you might as well go all out.

ECCI 6000, via CrunchGear