Datamancer Ergo keyboard takes steampunk in an oddly comfortable direction

Gadzooks! A steampunk keyboard with modern sensibility? That's a whole fistful of Splenda in my Darjeeling tea.

Dubbed as the Ergo, a mysterious fellow known as Datamancer cobbled this clacking wonder together from an old IBM M-15 ergonomic split keyboard. The project took shape thanks to a female client who propositioned Datamancer for the device, and he gave it "some elegant, feminine design features" including violet LED lights, a "acanthus-leaf pattern etched into the brass" and a removable burgundy-colored wrist support. Toss in typewriter-style keys and you've got yourself a steampunk marvel.

Check out the gallery below for more views of the Datamancer Ergo.

Datamancer, via Techpin