BudBud: One set of headphones with a built-in splitter for two pairs of ears

S1 Audio's BudBud MP3 headphones make sharing one iPod a lot easier — or any MP3 player. That's because each set of ear buds comes with a second pair of piggy-backed buds built right in. No need to uncomfortably hunch together ear-to-ear, or mess with an additional splitter.

When you're not using them, the auxiliary BudBud buds slot into the primary pair, and a clip along the wire of the 'phones lets you select whether or not you want both pairs in use. S1 Audio plans to bring out the BudBud MP3 early next year, along with the BudBud Solo — a single-ear set for use with a phone, which also has a piggy-backed bud so you can have proper stereo headphones — for between $25-$50.

Click Continue to see another pair of "headphones" by S1 Audio — the scare quotes because you wear this set around your neck.

S1 Audio's NxSET is a like a boom box you wear around your neck. While you're probably thinking that'll just bug the person sitting next to you — which headphones do anyway if they're up too loud — the NxSET is designed in such a way that the sound should mostly be directed toward you. Maybe the around-the-neck thing is for you if you consider headphones uncomfortable, and you can even take it off, crank it up, and use it as a little stereo.

The NxSET is still being finalized, but watch for it next year.

Via S1 Audio