BTKeyMini Bluetooth keyboard makes iPhone typing fast 'n' easy

Typing on the iPhone's touchscreen is just downright awkward. That's why we're excited about this BTKeyMini, a Bluetooth keyboard for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The diminutive device has a cover that doubles as a holder for your iPhone, folding up into a tiny package that should fit nicely in the smallest of briefcases.

Sure beats lugging around a laptop. It will require another battery, though, and the iPhone's lack of copy/cut/paste might make some typing chores a bit cumbersome. But still, this is a breakthrough, one more capability that brings the iPhone a step closer to replacing laptops altogether in many situations.

The main question now: when will this wireless trinket become available? It was first announced in January, and appeared for pre-order in August — but there's no telling when it will actually roll out for real. Maybe by the time this $92 convenience item ships, the iPhone will finally be capable of copy/cut/paste.

AVALive, via CrunchGear