BeoSound 5 controls your digital home theater in grand, futuristic style

Heard of Bang and Olufsen? The company specializes in exquisite, expensive electronics design, and this BeoSound 5 is no exception. You're looking at the controller for the system, a 10.4-inch screen with an aluminum scroll wheel that commands a Windows XP-running BeoControl 5 music and video server.

The Internet-connected system shows you album covers on its big screen, which sits on the table by some cantilevered magic. Or maybe you'd like it hanging on the wall, or perched atop a radical-looking stalk (see the gallery below). It can analyze songs and find others like it, something that would have seemed miraculous 10 years ago, but is commonplace today.

The video section is highly capable. It hooks up via HDMI and DVI and can handle a variety of file types. We're still scratching our heads at that server's 500GB capacity, equal to a cheap desktop PC these days. But hey, if style is your thing, you might not mind dropping around $5,300 when it ships next March.

Bang and Olufsen, via SlashGear