Asus EEE Top brings cheap touchscreen computing to the masses

The EEE PC was the first of many small, cheap, no-frills laptops to hit the market, sparking a huge rush in the newly-formed netbooks category of computers. Able to do basic tasks such as surf the web and check email while being portable enough to carry with you wherever you go, it made a lot of sense as a second computer for people on the go. And now Asus is bringing the same mindset to desktop computers.

The EEE Top is a desktop computer with a 15.6-inch touchscreen monitor, perfect for going in the kitchen to look up recipes or check the news. It can use a keyboard and mouse, of course, but the touchscreen will make quickly clicking around a webpage super easy while allowing you to keep those peripherals in a drawer. Look for it to drop for not that much money sometime in early 2009.

Via Shiny Shiny