40 years later, real X-Ray specs finally hit the market

If, like me, you grew up reading comic books, you may have been suckered in by those ads in the back selling X-Ray Specs, which promised a way to satisfy your pubescent curiosity about the girl next door. Unfortunately, they really didn't actually work at all, but now technology may have finally caught up with all of you budding voyeurs.

The X-Ray Vision camera lens from David Steele claims to use infrared filtering to allow you to see what's going on under certain types of fabric. The jury is still out on whether it works or not, but if it does, I hope the images are a little more enticing than those new airport screeners At $200 a pop, I'll save my pennies this time.

The X-Ray Vision camera lens is available now in 30mm and 58mm sizes.

David Steele, via Oh Gizmo!