3D NFL football broadcast, coming soon to a theater (that's probably not) near you

An NFL football game, broadcast in 3D? Believe it. Sunday Thursday, December 4th, the game between the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders will be produced in 3D, and shown in three specially-equipped theaters in New York, Los Angeles and Boston. Closed to the public, on the exclusive guest list are electronics retailers and TV producers. Sounds like an idea that could sell a few million expensive TVs — if it ever takes off.

The proof-of-concept will involve 3D cameras from 3ality Digital, satellite transmission to the theaters by Thomson SA's Technicolor Digital Cinema, and movie theater-sized Real D 3D displays in the theaters. There will also be 3D TVs at those locations, demonstrating several ways 3D broadcasts could be viewed.

While its promoters breathlessly exclaim how a 3D football game literally "raises your bold pressure," we're still skeptical. A Super Bowl game was shot in 3D in 2004, but there hasn't been any 3D football action since. Is it a gimmick? Promoters say the tech has come a long way since then. If they could just get rid of those goofy glasses, we might be a bit more excited.

Wall Street Journal, Via CrunchGear