Xbox 360 Arcade owners can grab a 20GB hard drive for $20

The Xbox 360 Arcade system is the lowest-end version of Microsoft's console, and because of that it comes without a few essential elements, such as a hard drive. And now, with a new version of the Xbox 360 firmware coming soon that won't fit on the dinky memory card that comes standard with the Arcade system, people are starting to wish they had bought one of the higher-end versions with a hard drive.

But don't worry! Microsoft has your back. For a mere $20, Arcade owners can grab a nice 20GB hard drive, just like the one that comes on the standard version. That hard drive will not only fit the new Xbox firmware, but it'll fit videos, music, saved games, game demos and downloaded arcade games. Really, a hard drive is essential for using the Xbox 360, so if you have an Xbox 360 Arcade, hop on this deal while the getting is good.

Xbox, via Gizmodo