What economic problems? Let's get a brand new Mercedes S 600 Guard Pullman 08!

Are you so rich and powerful that you have people shooting at you all the time? Then here's the car for you! The 2008 Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard Pullman 08 is about the fanciest car ever made, bulletproof enough to shrug off military small arms, grenades and explosives you might encounter on your daily commute. It'll also be able to scoot out of harm's way with its hefty 517hp V12 engine under the hood. It's the perfect post-bailout ride for the resurgent Wall Street genius.

Based on a Mercedes-Benz S 600, it was stretched to make room for all four of its passengers to play a round of golf in the back. The American Pullman Palace Car Company has tricked it out with HDTVs everywhere so you can keep an eye on all those bailed-out (and good as new) derivatives, and will install just about anything else in there you can imagine. Hey, what about a Nintendo Wii? Thus it shall be done, your excellency.

So what if it was Hitler's favorite car? You might even see the next president of the United States riding around in one when the U.S. car companies go belly up. It'll be either that or an armored ox cart. Due to hit the road by the end of the year, pricing is not one of those things its makers like to talk about, and besides, who's counting?

NetCarShow, via Gentleman's Gadgets