Weta Workshop's Ray-Blunderbuss has us craving a Peter Jackson steampunk flick

Straight out of Weta Workshop, the New Zealand prop-and-costumer Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson depends on, comes a steampunk rifle so well crafted and awesome that we can't help but wonder if a steampunk movie isn't in the cards for Jackson. Known as the "Unnatural Selector" (AKA Lord Cockswain's Ray-Blunderbuss), the rifle is part of a limited, 50-piece run and a larger line of steampunk weaponry by Weta. It's made out of "metal, glass and rare Venusian Worm Oak (imitation wood....which under Earth conditions is surprisingly similar to resin)," and comes with a number engraving and a stand to display it on.

So here's my favorite part of every post — the part where I crush your dreams. (Yours and mine, really.) Lord Cockswain sells his fine rifles for a high price: $8,000 for the first gun, and the rest for $4,500 to $5,900.

Unnatural Selector, via Geekologie