Weight loss service in Japan offers a virtual wife to nag you

Japanese weight loss site Metaboinfo.com has an interesting way to help you stay on target — a virtual wife that'll nag you to death. The free service of the site offers you one of four wives to choose from — with presumably more if you pay — and you can select and name a giggly maid (oh, Japan!), a cold businesswoman, a loving nurse or a fashion-minded nail artist. You then input your vitals into the site, agree on a diet and health plan, and daily you'll start getting four nag-filled emails from your "wife" that'll be tender or bossy depending on which lady you picked and how you're doing.

Sounds like a blast — and a little ridiculous. Though diets are all about discipline, and it helps to have support, right? Even if it is from a virtual entity.

Metaboinfo.com, via The Raw Feed