Week in Review: Did the new MacBooks win you over?

This week we opened with the 10 biggest rumors circulating 'round the Internets about the new MacBooks. And what did we find out? Apple's new notebooks will feature a two-tone scheme not unlike the first generation iPhones, use a new construction technique that has them carved out of solid block of aluminum, and feature glass touchpads that mirror the iPhone's functionality — with four-finger touch controls. Oh, and both the regular MacBooks and the MacBook Pros will be thinner, lighter, and cheaper. How can you say no to that?

Also, be sure to check out Shift, where Peter Suciu heralds the fall of the television in 2009. We're sure the new MacBook aren't to blame for that.

More top stories from the week:

World Trade Center Transportation Hub by Santiago Calatrava
More window washers employed than any other building, ever.

Japan unveils security vending machine
RoboCop meets soda pop in the streets of Tokyo.

Newest cancer treatment: shark's blood!
Newest food for sharks: people trying to get shark's blood!

Esther Dyson becomes a cosmonaut
Hot on the heels of video game mogul Richard Garriott. Are you next?

Buzzball is a combo of a roller coaster, hamster ball, and washing machine
How American gladiators keep clean and have fun, all at once.

OLO to turn your iPhone into a laptop
An awesome idea not from Apple. Tomorrow's headline: Steve Jobs forces employees to watch more Voltron.

Rock Band Smoke and Light kit
Make the illusion of coolness complete.