Webcam + laser pointer = cheapskate 3D modeler

If you're a 3D modeler, a video game developer, or just a nerd who likes to scan 3D objects into your computer for whatever reason, you probably would like a 3D scanner. The problem? They're expensive, and you are not rich or funded by some fancy company. How sad for you! Well, if you've got a webcam, a laser pointer, and a relatively low set of standards, you can now have a seriously ghetto 3D scanner of your own on the cheap.

Essentially, the kit is a background and some software for converting your webcam images to 3D object. Simply point your webcam at the object you want scanned in front of the background, sweep the laser pointer over it, and you end up with some pretty passable results. Finally, you can perform an idiosyncratic task a few times for curiosities sake before getting bored and moving on to the next thing!

David Laserscanner, via Watchismo