Want your voice heard? Have a giant robot talk for you

Meet RoboVox, a giant robot with a giant voice. Standing over 25 feet tall, RoboVox will take messages you text it from your cell phone and say them aloud (this all seems ready for Anchorman-style train wrecks, doesn't it?). So if you want to declare how much you love muffins or that you're gal is pretty swell — or simply have RoboVox shout, "Flesh is a design flaw!" — all you need to do is text.

RoboVox first made its appearance as an art installation piece by artist Martin Bricelj in 2006, and has been touring the world ever since. It's scheduled to appear in major cities all over the world such as Paris, Berlin and New York. I can't wait until it gets to the US — oh, what terrible things it'll be shouting.

Click Continue to see a video of RoboVox in action.

RoboVox, via BotJunkie