Walking iPhone Robot gives your gadget some dubious mobility

An iPhone that can plug into a special laptop is pretty sweet, but how about one that could walk around on its own? (Thankfully it can't chase you around — yet.) Kazu Terasaki, a Silicon Valley-base software engineer, was too fed up with missing calls from Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and decided to take matters into his own hands. In the past, he created a system called PuchiRobo, a system that could turn anything from a beer can to a tissue box into a bipedal 'bot. Now, he's used it to give his iPhone legs.

At the moment the whole setup is a little rudimentary. Kazu's PuchiRobo legs need to a computer to keep them moving, though he'd like to add a chip to the setup so that it can process the movements on its own.

Click Continue to see Kazu's comical video on how his Walking iPhone Robot came about.

GetRobo, via BotJunkie