Vortex Tunnel: made for haunted houses, trippy enough for yours

HauntedProps.com's Vortex Tunnel is designed to jazz up a hallway in a haunted house, but really you could just use it as a wacky walkway in any abode. If you don't mind shelling out quite a bit, that is.

Wrap your head around this:

This tunnel is constructed of 5 high grade aluminum, 9' diameter rings that will not warp or rust when in use or in storage… The fabric Velcro's onto the rings and is painted in florescent colors to produce a number of different effects. There are 3 sets of rollers and a gear motor that allow the aluminum tunnel to rotate… There is a 20' long, 28" wide bridge with handrails that allow you to walk through the tunnel. The tunnel has three 4' black lights on each side of the bridge to illuminate the painted artwork.

The "standard model" of the hallway is $7,400, with a trailer-enclosed version for a whopping $26,000. All of the neat extras — such as a see-through bridge and a "galactic paint scheme" that gets all trippy with 3-D glasses — are several hundred more, too.

Hit Continue to see a video of a vortex tunnel in action (though not HauntedProps.com's tunnel specifically).

HauntedProps.com, via Nerd Approved