Video shows electronic voting machine switching votes, even after 'recalibration'

Here's a video of an ES&S voting machine in West Virginia that's not exactly reassuring. Notice how the guy says it's "out of calibration," inserts a dongle, and then declares, "this machine is now calibrated." He then shows us that it's still switching votes. This looks like the same thing that was happening in West Virginia that we reported to you last week.

We've been studying voting machines for the past couple of months, and we're still perplexed: How on earth is it even possible for this to happen? What sort of "calibration" makes a voting machine switch a straight Democratic vote to John McCain? It's like clicking a Firefox icon on your desktop and having Microsoft Word launching.

We're sure all voting machines aren't like this, and even if something's amiss, you can confirm who you voted for before you cast your final ballot. Maybe this video is a fake. Comments?

Video the Vote