Video game developer turned astronaut follows his father into orbit

Video game developer Richard "Lord British" Garriott, best known for the classic Ultima series and his love of all things spacey and futuristic, is indulging in that love in a major way. He's shelled out around $30 million for a 10-day trip on the International Space Station, and was shot into orbit aboard a Russian Soyuz TMA-13 spacecraft.

Garriott (bottom left, being helped by an American astronaut in zero gravity) won't only be having fun weightlessly bouncing off of walls. He'll also be conducting scientific tests, including crystal growth experiments, wearing a sponsored watch to see how it holds up in space, and taking pictures of the Earth — something his father, NASA astronaut Owen Garriott, did 35 years ago on the 1973 Skylab mission. Now that's one unique way to see the world.

Click Continue to see a video of Richard Garriott's rocket lifting off.

Richard in Space, via CNN, Gizmodo & Giant Bomb

CORRECTION: Our math has been corrected, as commenter MYCROFTXXX deftly pointed out.