USB email notifier won't let you miss a new email

You go through your day half-heartedly doing your work, trudging through what you've gotta do to get paid, waiting for some pleasant distraction to pull you away from your spreadsheet data entry. That distraction is called email, and as soon as one comes in you always have a little moment of potential. Maybe it's from a long lost friend! Or someone responding to your profile! Or some surprising news!

So why let your emails come in with any sort of subtlety? You might as well know right away when you get a new email. Well, it's tough to miss this big, blue envelope. It sits next to your computer and lights up whenever a new email comes in, letting you know just when you check it and see if what you've received is distraction-worthy or yet another piece of spam. Hey, whatever gets you through the day, right?

Brando, via CrunchGear