Train station of the future: World Trade Center Transportation Hub by Santiago Calatrava

Take a glimpse into the future: This is the World Trade Center's transportation hub, revealed a few days ago after numerous redesigns. Created by one of our favorite architects, Santiago Calatrava, the soaring organic architecture features a glass and steel structure with gorgeous undulating ceilings and spines sticking out the roof. Whoa.

This is classic Calatrava, with snow white interiors constructed in repeating motifs that remind us of the spectacular art museum Calatrava designed for Milwaukee that we've visited many times. It's awe-inspiring. The guy knows how to capture emotion in steel and glass, creating buildings that will look as good 100 years from now as they do today. We look forward to walking through this other-worldly building when it's completed in 2012.

Santiago Calatrava, via Yanko Design