Thin Is In: Samsung intros Flapping Display OLED panel

The newspaper business may be going down the tubes but if those ever-emergent thin displays get to market soon enough there might still be hope for those technology-challenged old school publishers. The latest entry in the thin display race comes from Samsung and it's called the Flapping Display. Revealed at Japan's recent FPD International 2008, the 0.05millimeter-thick 4-inch OLED panel is so thin it actually flaps in the wind, a trick Samsung made sure to show off by installing a fan near the display.

In what almost seems like bragging, the company said it could make an even thinner display but they claim, "It is difficult to further reduce the thicknesses of the flexible substrates and circuit components around it." Translation: We will have TV screens inside our eye glasses sooner than we think.

Via Nikkei