The new PSP 3000 can hear you

Sony released a new revision of the PSP last week, which features "a new, more vibrant LCD screen". Yeah, sure it does. So when it showed up today, I figured I'd have a look and bring you a tale of two PSPs.

The bottom PSP is the new 3000 series and the top PSP is the old 2000 series. Don't read too much into my lousy photography, but there's definitely a difference. The two shots above are both taken without any jiggering with the settings (I think the color difference might have something to do with the dynamic time of day for Midnight Club's title screen). It's not as if there was any problem with picture quality, but I've got to hand it to Sony for taking something that looked great and making it look greater.

You can also tell the difference by the tiny dot next to the PSP logo on the bottom of the 3000-series PSP. That's a microphone so players can hear you when you're playing multiplayer games with voice support (i.e. that one SOCOM game that wasn't terrible). You can also use Skype to call your friends who use Skype and tell them things like "Hey, I'm talking to you on my PSP!"

Finally, the button that used to be labeled "home" now has a Playstation icon instead. Probably a good idea since Sony has an actual product called Home (tm) coming out soon.

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