The Life Clock lives your life better than you do

You may remember the Life Bank, a quirky Japanese toy that displayed a digital family getting wealthier the more money you put away. Well, here's the Life Clock, or Jinsei Tokei, and it's little avatar will mimic your life depending on how you use the clock. You can choose between a salaryman, a schoolgirl or a rock star. When your alarm goes off, your character wakes up. When you set the alarm at night, it goes to sleep. Your avatar will also hit the town for shopping, go on dates, head to work and eat at the appropriate times. You may find yourself jealous of how punctual it is — it really is clockwork.

It's simple presentation doesn't look like it should be $55 — and maybe it shouldn't — but you pay more for the novelty. And it's pretty darn tempting.

Japan Trend Shop, via The Red Ferret Journal