The 'Big Brother House' should probably rethink its name

Would you want to live in a house with no privacy whatsoever? Because this stack of window-walled blocks is exactly that. Its designers over at Julien De Smedt Architects worked with a guiding concept that would give George Orwell chills: "We have designed a house around the principle of big brother, a place where one can watch and be watched."

Big Brother? Dubious role model. But it did yield an interesting building: a series of block rooms stacked around a central courtyard. All of the rooms can see into one another, anyone in the courtyard can peep into the rooms and — what's maybe the most intrusive — the outside walls are windows as well, so you're not obscured from outside scrutiny. It's nice to look at, but I wouldn't want to live there.

Check out the gallery below for some interior shots, or click Continue for the press release.

From Julien De Smedt Architects:

A house of 1000 m2 can almost be populated rather than inhabited to the least it can entertain quite a party! We have designed a house around the principle of big brother, a place where one can watch and be watched. A house where the circulation is gathered into an atrium of hedonistic leisure and excess, an unavoidable place of pleasure control, that distributes its visitors and party goers in the confines of protected rooms.

Each room flanked on this panopticon atrium is equipped of a private terrace, or dune, that continues the idea of the original desert over the house. Similarly the desert is trapped inside the atrium to form an oasis of sand. Climatically the house functions like an igloo: the outer rooms act as a layer of extra protection to the indoor atrium space. The larger space allows for natural ventilation both of itself and of each individual room.

The programmatic layout allows for maximum publicity on the 2 primary levels while the top floor is dedicated to the master bedroom and attendance, turning it almost into an apartment within the house.

JDS Architects, via Dezeen