Submerge a PC in an aquarium for less than $1,000

We all went nuts over that hardcore computer submerged in mineral oil last week, but recoiled at its $11K price tag. Now you can get your own favorite components together and submerge them in an attractive aquarium-like enclosure from Puget Systems for around $10K less than that, depending on your chosen components.

Sure, there have been liquid-cooled PCs floating around for a while now, but this $315 kit makes it easy. It includes everything you need to mount your motherboard and (solid-state) drives, so you bolt everything in, add some fancy lights and a bubble bar (see the gallery below), pour in $60 worth of mineral oil, and you have a bubbling aquarium with a PC running inside. Just don't put any fish in there — they don't much care for mineral oil.

Click continue to see a video of this liquid PC in action.

Puget Systems, via Marketwire