Steampunk phone: trade in your SIM for a punch card

Egads. It's bulky. It's inefficient. In today's modern world, it would be a colossal hassle. I love it.

This steampunk phone is a conceptual prototype by Londoner Arthur Schmitt, and it tickles all the right spots from a design standpoint. It's got a heavy wire cover over the earpiece, gauges, visible screws, a rugged brown scheme, a spinning number-counter — oh, how we could go on. Best of all, it uses punch cards and binary phone numbers to control your phone's features and make calls, so getting someone on the line is charmingly unwieldy. Just imagine — I'd love to have a Rolodex chock-full of punch card contacts.

Bundle this phone with a bowler and a tub of mustache wax and I'll be all over it. Check out the gallery below for more of Schmitt's steampunk phone.

Via Arthur Schmitt