Spy Shots: Amazon Kindle 2 Exposed!

The e-reader market is getting livelier every day. No sooner had Sony updated its Reader last week than we see these leaked shots of the Amazon Kindle 2. Gone is that sculpted, angular look of its predecessor, and according to those lucky spies who've seen it, its side buttons are smaller, making it less likely that you'll accidentally turn the page. There's also a new navigating joystick taking the place of the original Kindle's scroll wheel.

We like the rounded, straightforward shape of this design better than the old one. The two are approximately the same size with an identical screen, and both have our fave feature — wireless connectivity via EV-DO, letting you download new electronic books from practically anywhere. We're wondering if this new Kindle 2 will be cheaper than its predecessor, when we'll be able to get our paws on one, and if Amazon plans to manufacture enough to go around this time.

Boy Genius Report, via Gizmodo