Softbank brings mobile television to Japanese iPhone fans

One of the chief criticisms of the iPhone rollout in Japan was the device's lack of 1-seg television service that comes standard on many of Japan's newest cell phones. Today television addicts in Japan can safely purchase the iPhone now that Softbank has unveiled a 1-seg digital TV tuner attachment that will allow users to watch up to 3 hours of 1-seg TV on their iPhones via WiFi.

In addition to letting you watch the boob tube the new attachment will also function as a much needed supplemental battery for the iPhone. Pricing and release date have yet to be determined, but once it's released Japan-based iPhone users will have access to a new network of about 3,500 WiFi locations essentially ensuring your ability to see that new Japanese Brad Pitt cell phone commercial he would never be caught dead doing in the U.S.

Via Softbank