Samsung rolls out Netflix-friendly Blu-ray players

When video rental-by-mail mofo Netflix started streaming thousands of its videos online, there were hints of other hardware involvement beyond the dedicated box from Roku. LG was the next to jump in with its BD300 Netflix-streaming Blu-ray player, and now here's Samsung joining the fun with two Netflix-friendly players, the BD-P2500 and BD-P2550, both selling for $400.

The best news is, if you already own either one of these players, a quick download of a firmware update suddenly gives you all that Netflix goodness. From there, you can view your Netflix instant queue and either play movies from it or modify it to your liking. Oh yeah, you'll need to hook that baby up to an Internet connection, a possible problem in a lot of home theaters.

We're liking the idea of combining both streaming and Blu-ray capabilities into one box. Adding extra coolness is Samsung saying this is just the first of many more products with that efficient capability. Now if Netflix would just start adding some decent movies to its instant-watching hoard, and make them all stream instantly in HD, this would really be something.

Press Release, via Engadget