Rubik’s Mirror Blocks Puzzle: No colors here to help you

Like the Rubik's Cube needed to get any harder, right? The Rubik’s Mirror Blocks Puzzle — also known as Hidetoshi Takeji's Bump Cube — presents a challenge based on geometry rather than color sequences. It's your job to order 27 blocks of nine different sizes into a tidy cube shape. I couldn't even solve the original Rubik's Cube, and now with this one I can't take off the stickers to cheat. If you want one, you'll probably have to import it as it's straight out of Japan. It sells for about 20 bucks.

Click Continue to check out a video of a dude solving the Bump Cube in under a minute. (Not by me, but you probably already guessed that much.)

Amazon JP, via Everything Below $29.99