Rock Band Smoke and Light kit makes illusion of coolness complete

Hey, all you non-musicians! The video game Rock Band has just been launched into the next level of poseur-dom. Pretend like a pro with this smoke and light effects kit from Performance Designed Products. It'll belch up enough smoke to fill up your mom's basement, and create an atmosphere of simulated mayhem with its blinking and seizure-inducing lights. Lights? Smoke? Just add mirrors, and you're all set. Wow.

Now you can dress up like musicians, act like musicians, dance around a lot, and even be lit up and smoked like real gigsters. The $100 kit, available in November (just in time for Christmas), will perfectly synchronize the show with the Rock Band game on the Xbox 360. Now if somebody could just pretend to buy this for us, we'd be climbing a stairway to heaven.

PDP, via Oh Gizmo