RoboCop Meets Soda Pop: Japan unveils security vending machine

Japan has upped the ante in the CCTV department with the debut of the Help Vending Machine from Coca Cola recently unveiled in Aichi prefecture. The fully beverage stocked vending machine is also equipped with a siren, a video camera and an embedded emergency phone with a direct line to the police in case you are in need of help.

The controversial part arises due to the fact that the surveillance camera automatically begins recording anyone who comes near the vending machine. Although Japan is only rivaled by the UK in terms of ubiquitous CCTV surveillance, a local citizen recently expressed his outrage at the new technology by vandalizing the machine with the words "surveillance society" in Japanese and ripping off the machine's camera. Somehow this episode feels a lot like the first salvo in a real life humans-versus-robots future war.

Via Lets Japan