Red ring of death pumpkin scaring Xbox 360s this Halloween

This Halloween you'll probably carve up a pumpkin with a goofy face. So did Alan Penner from Goleta, California, but his is geeky enough to join us here at the DVICE Tower with its instant-messenger-style smiley charm.

Penner's other pumpkins are really flying his colors. He's got the red ring of death that plagues failing Xbox 360s — so I wonder if he's a fan of the system, or a cheeky PlayStation 3 owner? — an Ubuntu pumpkin (for you Linux lovers), his aforementioned smiley jack-o-lantern, and a pumpkin with the Obama logo. His porch is almost enough to make me want to go trick-or-treating again.

Check out the gallery below to get a better view of Penner's pumpkins.

Via Penner's Flickr