Barbell-sized Recon Scout bot gives cops a sneak peek

Meet Recon Scout, a tough little throwable surveillance robot on its way to a prison near you. The barbell-sized bot, battle tested in Iraq, will soon be ready to spy on any prisoner uprisings that may happen in California state pens.

Built to survive a 30-foot drop onto concrete, this two-wheeled toughbot can be flung into a danger zone and it immediately starts shooting video, sending its frames back to a waiting PC for analysis. It's remotely operated from up to 100 feet away just like a radio-controlled toy car. Sounds like fun.

Maybe you could put a couple of guns on this baby to do some real damage, but for now it's a fleet-wheeled quick (video) shooter, available for $6,000, or $9,000 with an infrared camera on board for night vision. Looks like a great way for SWAT teams to look before they leap.

Via Popular Mechanics