R/C hand lets you tell the driver behind you what you really think

Sometimes, it's just easier to communicate using hand gestures. I mean, what good are words when you can just give someone a hearty thumbs up to show your approval? And why waste your breath with someone you aren't pleased with when you can give them the old one fingered salute? This is extra true when you're driving, as talking using words just isn't possible when you're going 70 miles per hour down the highway.

That's why this remote control hand is great. Simply stick it on your back window, place the controls up near the drivers seat, and you can send any hand gesture you want to the person behind you without having to roll down your window. From a peace sign to a hang ten, for whatever reason, you'll be able to say it with fingers. Sure, you might get yourself run off the road if you select the wrong gesture, but just think of it as making driving a bit more adventurous.

PerpetualKid, via Oh Gizmo!