Top 10 rumors about tomorrow's Apple MacBook event

It's time for the Mac notebooks to go through their annual renewal, and we're hearing rumors right and left. Tomorrow at 1pm EDT is when the big rollout begins, and there's a plethora of guesswork about what we'll be seeing.

Rather than sending you gallivanting all over the web, we figured we'd just gather all the scuttlebutt together in one place for your perusal, amusement, and individual speculation. Behold the scanty info, and please, no wagering:

1. Lower Price: There will be a cheapo $800 MacBook, a full $300 less then the current lowest-price model. Also, there will be 12 "price points" of MacBook Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air and the new model. That's up from the current 8 price points.

2. The new, rounded and slim MacBook will be carved out of a brick of solid, aircraft-grade aluminum. It's a good idea — no screws are necessary to hold the thing together, and its solidity means no seams and no bending to create those sexy curves, eliminating weak spots.

3. The MacBook in the event invitation is a 13.3-inch machine, says Boing Boing, judging from the width of the Apple logo depicted in the illustration.

4. It could be a 13.3-inch MacBook Pro, adds 9-to-5 Mac.

5. The MacBooks are going to be two-tone, with aluminum on the inside and black on the outside.

6. There's also going to be an all-in-one Mac with Apple TV inside, explaining why the Apple TV hardware hasn't been revised in a long while. It'll be the rack-width size of home theater components, and may have a TB+ sized hard drive inside.

7. The new MacBooks will have glass multi-touch touchscreens in place of touchpads.

8. The Mac Mini will be redesigned. That "Brick" will look like a miniature Mac Pro desktop machine. Cute.

9. The Brick will be a Mac tablet with a touchscreen, near the top of many a Mac fan's wish list for years. Using the tech chops developed with the MacBook Air, this tablet will be bigger than an iPhone, smaller than a MacBook Air.

10. The MacBooks will support Blu-ray drives. This is so long overdue that we will laugh if it's not true.