Presidential Polygraph 2008, just in time for biggest BS debate of the year

As loyal DVICE readers know, we've been looking for the perfect lie detector for the presidential/vice-presidential debates, and just in time for tonight's bout we find Presidential Polygraph 2008. However, if we're looking for perfection, this may not be it. It's a $49.95 USB-connected device that claims to work like the one the FBI uses, with sensors that measure breathing, pulse, sweat and (somehow) body language.

Judging from the crude cover art and loose connection to the presidential candidates, this looks more like an opportunistic entrepreneur's cynical attempt to cash in on the election season than a real lie detector. Adding to the questionable atmosphere: no pics of any USB devices to be found, the way it's called a "collectible version themed with the our [sic] best liars — our politicians," and the exclamation, "Great for parties!"

For tonight's VP debate between the gaffe-prone Joe Biden and completely clueless Sarah Palin, we're thinking a better tool for determining truth might just be assuming that everything we hear is a lie until we've investigated every statement ourselves. However, about half of the rambling gibberish we're bound to hear tonight won't require any research at all.

Presidential Polygraph, via Gizmodo