Plastic outdoor shower classes up any beach house

Living near the beach certainly has its advantages, mostly beach related. You know, getting to play on the beach, lay in the sun, go swimming and all the rest of it. But when you return home from your day of fun, you're often gross: saltwater gunk in your hair, sunscreen residue and sweat mingled on your skin, and sand stuck to your feet. Basically, you need a shower.

Rather than trumping through your house, why not set up an outdoor shower? It'll let you rinse off and get clean before going inside and getting everything dirty. And this beautiful MyYour outdoor shower would class up any beach house exterior. Its UV ray resistant, so it won't get bleached in the sun and will stay looking new for years. And if you own a damned beach house you can probably afford a simple outdoor shower, no?

Trendir, via NotCot