Pioneer XMp3 handheld satellite radio records five stations at once

Now that Sirius and XM have merged, there's a new crop of satellite radios emerging. Here's one from Pioneer, the XMp3 that can act like a TiVo, snagging recordings of five of your favorite stations at the same time. That's so great it doesn't even seem legal.

Also like a TiVo is the XMp3's 30-minute buffer, letting you pause and rewind live programming so you won't miss a single word of Howard Stern, available as of October 6th in the "Best of Sirius" package ($4/month ) for XM subscribers.

Shipping today, the radio's $279 price seems steep, but hey, it's not that bad considering less-capable satellite hand-held radios such as the Sirius Stiletto 2 cost about the same. Now if there were a Sirius version that receives the best of XM, we'd be on board.

Electronista, via Ubergizmo