Ping pong ball-sized camera/recorder is world's smallest surveillance system

Jeez, look how small this video camera is. Inside a package smaller than a ping pong ball, there's a complete video recording system. It's not exactly HDTV — at 320x240 it's not winning any high-rez prizes, but stick a 2-gig micro SD memory card in there and you can let this little sucker rip for 6 hours. Set it on its motion detection mode, and it can lie in wait for 48 hours, peeping and listening as necessary for later playback on any PC.

Damn. Is this getting scary, or what? We're not sure who actually shells out $260 for such microcams, but one thing's for sure: from now on, we're going to watch what we do or say, no matter where we are. There could be spy gear anywhere. That old saying "never write anything you wouldn't want to have read in court" needs to be modified to include video surveillance — anywhere, any time.

But really, we have nothing to hide, so let them spy away. Besides, we have plenty of countermeasures for such shenanigans.

Spyville, via Gizmo Watch