Photo Frame Clock has a picture for every hour

What time is it? Let me ask you: why do you want to know? Is there something you should be doing right now? You really don't want to know some arbitrary number that corresponds to this moment — you want to know whether or not it's dinnertime. Or time for Heroes. Or if the mail's coming. The Photo Frame Clock cuts out those numerical middlemen by letting you slip a picture into each spot for the hour.

If you want to go totally functional, you might put a picture of some eggs at 8 o'clock, and maybe a car or commuter train at 5. That idea would have its limits, though, since this isn't a 24-hour clock. Suggested upgrade: Use digital photo frames in the next version instead of actual prints, switching out the last pic (1 p.m. for 1 a.m., for example) as soon the next hour ticks by. That would probably make for more expensive frame than this one, though, which costs just $45.

Target, via Product Dose