PC cheaper than Mac? Site says you pay $1121 for that Apple logo

There are rumblings of cheaper Mac notebooks on the horizon, with one Apple fan site asserting that we might see an unprecedented $800 MacBook rolling out at an Apple event next Tuesday. That's $300 cheaper than the least-expensive MacBook available today. If true, that price decrease won't come a moment too soon, because yet another test has shown that you might be paying a lot for that cute Apple logo.

The experiment configured hardware with the same specs as those inside an iMac, and comparing the prices between the two systems, found the "Hackintosh" with a 24-inch monitor to be $1178.90, $1121 cheaper than the iMac. Even when you pay the $129 cost of the OS X Leopard software, you're still shelling out nearly $1000 extra for a Mac. This is not the first time we've seen such claims. Is that little Apple logo worth it?

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